Poker Hand Ranges: Determine Your Opponent’s Range

In Winbet2u poker, to win big (or just win), you have to think of more than the two cards you have in front of you and the strength of your hand. If you want to win, you must at least think about the hands of your opponents to compare your hand and be able to bet logically at the tables.

In addition, you cannot take into account only one or two potential hands of your opponent. You have to start thinking about all the potential hands of your opponents, what we call a poker hand range.

How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, I guess he has Ace-King!” (Or a hand with a very specific high/low card) before following confidently? Or to say that their opponent must have a flush and immediately move on with their three of a kind? In many cases, inexperienced players only consider very specific hand possibilities instead of considering all hands in the range of their opponents.

What is poker range?

  • The pairs served are represented by the diagonal of the hands in the middle (in white).
  • The matching pairs are shown in the upper right half of the diagram (in light blue).
  • Mismatched hands are shown in the lower-left half of the diagram (in dark blue).

A brief explanation of the combinatorics

  • The pairs served have 6 combinations each.
  • Pairless hands have 16 combinations each.
  • Mismatched hands have 12 combinations each.
  • The matching hands have 4 combinations each.

Finally, fan software and presets will give you different starting hand ranges for the percentage of hands you want to start with, and that’s fine! As you become more familiar with ranges, you will find it easier to define the range of your opponents. You can also find out which starting hand ranges are best for you in certain situations and in certain positions (customizable at some point).

Why is poker range important?

As you will soon see, especially in the post-flop section, simply assigning a range to your opponents and making math-based decisions from these ranges makes your game much more clear, precise, and profitable. Of course, this situation does not respect the simplistic approach of “I lose if he has AK. And I think he has it, so I pass ”, in which they do not take into account all the possibilities of the various poker hands.

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